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south-bend-in-chiropractorDr Christopher Lauria and I found this great research article about how chiropractic adjustments helped a 16 year old girl with her migraine headaches. In this case chiropractic adjustments helped relieve nerve pressure in this child’s neck which allowed normal nerve flow, blood flow and muscle function in this child’s neck. Understand this this child was under 15 different prescription medications to try and help her. Other studies like this where also done by south bend chiropractor services in Indiana.


The long term ramifications on her health and wellness from that are incredible. The January 24, 2013 issue of the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research reports on the case of a 16 year-old girl who experienced migraine headaches since kindergarten who benefited greatly from chiropractic care.


Study authors Moses Bernard, DC, Joel Alcantara, DC, and G. StanfordPierce, DC, report that migraine headaches (HAs) occur in 10.6% of children between the ages of 5-15 and in 28% of children ages 15-19. Before puberty, the mix is equal according to gender but after puberty, prevalence tilts towards females by 2:1.


The effects of HAs on a child’s quality of life (QOL) have been well documented and are similar to that found for other chronic illnesses such ascancer and arthritis with impairments in learning and emotional function.When the girl came to the chiropractor, she complained of HAs that occurred at the rate of 1-2 per week that lasted about 2-3 hours each, usually at night. Her attacks were accompanied by throbbing pain, heat intolerance and sensitivity to light and sound. Many times, the only relief she found was sleeping on a cold tile floor.After puberty, the HA frequency and intensity increased, particularly after a fall that resulted in trauma to her head and neck. She also experienced dizziness, fever and extreme fatigue. She was also very sensitive to changes in barometric pressure that would aggravate her symptoms.She recounted, at minimum, 30 visits to the emergency room for HAepisodes. Her school performance had been affected, missing 2-3 classes per week.Over-the-counter medications were ineffective as were the 15 different types of prescription medications her doctors had prescribed. Her chiropractor found head tilt to the left, right shoulder elevation, tenderness and hypersensitivity to palpation under the back of her skull on the right side.



She experienced restrictions in range of motion in her neck with pain at the end point of motion. She had tightness in the muscles in the right lower neck, right lower mid back and both sides of the entire lumbar spine. Her leg length evaluation revealed a ¼ of an inch short leg on the left.X-rays were taken and it was determined that she had a subluxation of the atlas, the top vertebra of the spine. She was placed on a program of chiropractic care.Over the first year of care, she reported progressive improvements in the symptoms, frequency and intensity of her HA episodes.According to the authors, follow up care over the next five years resulted in “her HA intensity being bearable without the need for medication and her headache attacks abated to approximately 2-4 migraines per month.”If you or a loved one are suffering from headaches or migraine headaches there might be relief for you too. I have hundreds of cases just like this in my office. People who have suffered for years with no answers, taking loads of medications just to get through the day. At Lifestyle Wellness Center we offer a complimentary consultation to see if chiropractic care might be able to help you.

Cataract Surgery

What is a cataract? A cataract is a gradual calcification of the eye’s natural crystalline lens. The lens is situated inside the eyeball, behind the pupil. Why does a cataract develop?In the majority of cases, the cause is a natural aging of the lens.Normally the lens is completely transparent, but with time the lens proteins become gradually hazy.  The majority of people aged 65 or over has some degree of cataract. You may need cataract surgery to help improve your ability to see.


Younger people can develop cataracts due to a family tendency. A cataract may also develop due to other reasons, such as a congenital phenomenon in babies, in diabetes and other general diseases. If you find that your child needs more attention Pediatric Ophthalmology Holland MI has the best program for children. Certain medications such as steroids can cause cataracts, as can eye trauma and various eye diseases such as chronic inflammation or high myopia.What problems do cataracts cause? The commonest problem is blurry vision that develops gradually. Some patients complain mainly of severe glare in the sun or from headlights when driving at night.

In the early stages a more frequent updating of your glasses may help, but eventually even this is of only minimal benefit or none at all.When should a cataract operation be performed?Waiting a long time until vision is very poor and the cataract is ‘ripe’, is no longer the modern approach. Cataract removal is considered appropriate as soon as the degree of visual handicap starts to effect daily activities and quality of life. Active individuals, for example drivers, who require excellent vision, will feel the need for surgery at an early stage, whilst others who are less active, will be content to wait longer.Only rarely is cataract surgery considered urgent in order to prevent irreversible damage to the eye. However very advanced cataracts, and other coexisting disease in the eye may make any operation technically more difficult. Obviously a decision to operate is made together by doctor and patient with all factors considered.What happens during a cataract opertion?The majority of cataract operations today are carried out under local anaesthetic with either eye drops alone or with an injection around the eye. Age and general health are usually not problematic.


Most patients do not require admission to hospital.Modern cataract procedures involve microsurgical techniques, usually without stitches and with rapid recovery. The most popular technique today -called Phaco-involves the fragmentation of the lens inside the eyeball using ultrasound energy. The fragments are sucked out through a small incision. In place of the cataractous lens, a plastic transparent artificial lens (see below) is then implanted and stabilised within the original lens capsule. The power of the implanted lens has to be measured before the operation during an examination called biometry.After the operationMost patients see well within a short time and can return to full activities. Eye drops are prescribed to aid the healing process. There are no restrictions on general functioning or physical activities. Only a physical blow or excessive rubbing to the eye may cause damage and is to be avoided.


Many patients require glasses after a cataract operation either for reading, distance or both-even if glasses were not worn beforehand.Risks of cataract surgeryAs in any operation small risks do exist including infection, inflammation, haemorrhages, raised intraocular pressure and others. In very rare cases vision may deteriorate after surgery or the health of the entire eyeball may be compromised. However cataract surgery today is very safe with an improvement in vision being achieved in well over 95% of cases. The risk of complications has been reduced to a minimum.

Health And Maintenance For Beautiful Skin

microdermabrasion at homeA beautiful skin is more than just eating healthy and maintenance through soap and water. Chemicals in the air, water and food could easily have some drastic effects in our skin. The use of soap and water with regular diet is no longer enough to maintain that youthful look. Fortunately, technology has also advanced well to ensure that people who want to look great even at an advanced age can do so with ease.

There are spa centers, and dermatologists that offer this type of skin cleansing and now you can do  microdermabrasion at home with simple rejuvenation services. Since it doesn’t require intrusive procedure, the process can also be done by an experienced and well trained skin specialist.

Among the technologies available for people who want to look younger fast is dermabrasion.  Learning More About dermabrasion, is all about removing the outer layer of the skin in order to push the body into growing new cells in the area. The abrasion process used to be expensive, painful and will require days for the skin to recuperate. With the advancement of medical technology, dermabrasion is a lot easier because of the tools available that doesn’t require any recuperation time, totally safe and non-intrusive.

Microdermabrasion – Bringing the Technology Home But technology has pushed skin care further into new heights. Although spa centers and other health care institutions can offer this type of non-intrusive procedure, there are now instruments optimized for people who wanted to do the operation at home. Called microdermabrasion, these are devices that look like wands but their main role is to exfoliate the skin by slowly removing the thin outer layer in order to force the body into making a new layer.Just like any professional dermabrasion procedure, there are two types of microdermabrasion devices: the crystal tip and diamond tip. The crystal version is ideal for those who wants a wider application.


The diamond tip dermabrasion tool is ideal for individuals looking for dermabrasion device that can work deep on skin cells.Consulting a ProfessionalWhile any of the two microdermabrasion devices could help in getting your youthful glow back, it’s still important to talk to a professional about these devices. Your doctor or your dermatologist could give you a good idea on which microdermabrasion version you should purchase. By getting the right tool, you ensure that you have your best looking skin possible without purchasing the two devices or going to the spa centers in order to look amazing.

Comprehensive Vascular Surgery With Guaranteed Health Results

Vascular_SurgeryThe heart is at the center of the body’s cardiovascular system. A healthy heart and healthy cardiovascular system pumps oxygen-rich blood from the heart through the arteries and returns oxygen-poor blood back to the heart through the veins. When there is a problem with the system, a vascular surgeon is often called upon to intervene and operate to repair or improve the patient’s vascular health. Vascular Surgeons Washington State have a premier facility to help you with your surgery and consultation prior to any surgery procedure.

Quite a few things are to be considered in relation to selection of precise expert. However, all the surgeons have to become professional in the business so that untoward incidents might be easily avoided. Interference, patient anxiety and fears should be immediately tackled to ensure surgery process might be smoothly carried on. Vascular surgery is greatly linked to the heart of people and it requires a different kind associated with medical expertise and skill which can be only available using the best surgeon in the area. There have been huge improvements inside the surgery section associated with medical science because of which people tend to be feeling happier and secured regarding choosing the precise process for relieving all life miseries. Illnesses, body injuries in addition to critical ailments will need solid treatment using the operational surgery for which you will have to go for the top and highly encountered vascular surgery.

Reputed and confirmed surgical care

Since vascular surgery can be quite much complicated in addition to typical in dynamics, you will have to watch out for the surgery center containing revived new strategies and implemented standard policies for the concerned surgery. In addition to the above mentioned factors, the surgery heart should provide detailed specifics of the all the surgical steps and procedures to ensure consumers can think pleased and completely satisfied. No question, the vascular surgeon should offer you the best treatment inside the field apart from offering quality surgical care for the specific patient devoid of which health recovery seriously aren’t possible. Skilled and encountered doctors would have to continue with this sort of surgical processes to ensure percentage of success might be readily improved.

Wide selection of surgical solutions accessible

The local vascular surgical procedure department has got a wide variety of vascular surgical alternatives and solutions that’ll certainly fit the bill and human requirements. Healthcare programs may also be run by different surgical centers that’ll benefit you ultimately if you wish to recover your standard health condition in the least possible time. There is absolutely no denying the indisputable fact that these doctors are very much experienced in addition to skilled enough to satisfy you with their unmatched surgical potential and quality associated with service provisions made available from the respective heart.

Guaranteed affordability and excellent support

No doubt, patients would become more concerned about the expense and expenses contained in the surgical process even so; the local vascular surgical procedure Oroville units will consider offering reasonable estimates for the vascular surgery


primary-physicianPeople are often confused on how to find the right physician for them. It usually isn’t an easy task – and it also shouldn’t be one. Because you are putting your life in someone else’s hands. To find a primary care physician you first need to find out if the physician is smart enough, have enough skills and mostly importantly is he qualified? But first find a list of all in-network doctors, then narrow down to your choices, you will come across many doctors who are doing family practice, some may be doing internal medicine or general practice.


You will also come across doctors who focus on children, they are called Pediatricians. The Family Practice physicians treat patient of all ages they can treat wide variety of conditions and also can treat ailment for which we often visit specialists. The internal medicine practicing physicians usually treat only adults and they specialize in diagnosis and management of diseases and chronic conditions. The general practice physicians are like family physicians. But these general practice physicians focus on areas like osteopaths which is related to musculoskeletal system.

After you have researched for the respective physician you need to ask for the referrals, you will most likely visit the physician who has attended any of your family member or colleague this way you will know how well or bad the physician is. Try asking your friends or family that which physician they usually visit, it is better to have a recommendation.


When you are done choosing physician check weather if the doctor’s office is closer to your home/office or not so that you can reach easily if something goes wrong, check out when the doctors sees the patients if there are clashes with your office hours you may want to consider visiting him after your work. When you meet the doctor feel comfortable with him, your primary physician should be the one whom you can trust and rely on to help you manage your healthcare.

How TO Locate The Best Dentist For You

Cosmetic dentistry is a process that specializes in the improvement of how our teeth and smile look. People’s knowledge about cosmetic dentistry and finding an  Affordable dentist in Sunbury Victoria is growing and advancing so fast. It is now possible to perform instant procedures for cosmetic dentistry.

Many people can benefit from whitening of teeth and all other cosmetic dentistry procedures. These procedures can be done both in the office and at home. It is possible to fill in in a small crack in your tooth when it is chipped by applying a tooth-colored filling material and shaping it directly into the mouth which allows for application of the right amount of fill to match the surrounding teeth while making sure not to interfere with the mouth normal functioning. The teeth whitening procedure uses intensified light. There is also a deep bleach technique that bleaches deeply stained teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is a treatment for damaged and discolored teeth and is done through various processes. Porcelain veneers are a good intervention in treating problems such as gaps between your teeth, chipped ,crooked and worn out teeth, badly shaped as well as poorly sized teeth.

Dentists use porcelain for cosmetics because they are just like natural enamel. Porcelain veneers offer a number of advantages such as durability and stain resistance as well as the ability to correct a number of problems at once. Tyler community patients could learn a lot about porcelain veneers at the Gentle Dental Care Center in Tyler.

Teeth whitening brightens and teeth and is a sign of good health. With all the dark foods and drinks and meals, a smile may seem dull. Teeth whitening can take your discolored smile and replace it with a glowing one. The teeth whitening procedures are readily available at Tyler dental office in Texas and any other dental offices offering these services.

Tummy Tuck Reviews

If you have problems with getting those inches off your waist and belly, don’t worry because you are not alone. Because of the sedentary lifestyles that most of us lead, it’s no wonder why the obesity rate has gone up in the last years. Thus, the increase in this number also increased the different weight loss programs and cosmetic procedures aimed to take off inches off those common problem areas. And one of the most popular tummy tuck doctors procedures nowadays is abdominoplasty or more commonly referred to as tummy tuck.



Tummy tuck, or in medical terms, abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin in the middle and lower portion of the abdomen. There are different kinds of abdominoplasty procedures, each one varying in scope and technique. Some procedures require a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen, while others require a smaller incision. A qualified physician determines the best course of action and plans out the incisions to be made before the surgery itself.There are thousands of tummy tuck reviews available on the internet which are written by former patients of the said procedure. Overall, reviews about tummy tuck are written in a positive light, and some negative feedbacks are only isolated cases. For instance, a former patient from Massachusetts states that after giving birth to three children, she had gained a lot of birth weight which she eventually lost by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Even though she had lost over 100 pounds, she still had trouble with the loose excess skin on her body, most especially in the abdominal area. No matter how many sit-ups or creams she puts on, it still remains the same.



This had caused her to feel insecure about herself and wanted to get rid of that last bit of her former self completely. After learning about the procedure from friends, she decided to go under the knife. After a couple of months in recovery, she is back to her old activities without any limitation with her motor skills. Thanks to this simple procedure, she now enjoys a slimmer and sexier bod.Aside from the physical implications of this procedure, most patients worry about the cost of the surgery. In the average, the surgery costs six to eight thousand dollars. It can be a little steep, depending on your doctor. However, most tummy tuck reviews from former patients say that it is worth every penny. The procedure gave them something that no money could buy—increased self-confidence and self-esteem. The procedure did not only help them feel good about themselves on the outside, but inside as well.Reading tummy tuck reviews will provide ample information about the surgical procedure and how it helps in giving a slimmer and slenderer body. These reviews on tummy tuck will provide first-hand testimonials and success stories from satisfied patients all over the world. These personal testimonials will help you understand what other people have gone through and would aid in your decision making if this is also the cosmetic procedure for you.